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9 least obedient dog breeds in the world!

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9) Saint Bernard

While Saint Bernards can be wonderful pets, owners should be aware of the breed's tendency to have behavioral issues. There is a fair amount of training required for them.

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8) Bull Terrier

In the beginning, bull terriers were bred as a fighting breed. A few extra minutes of training each day can yield positive results with a little extra focus on self-discipline.

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7) Chihuahua

Despite the fact that the breed, which originated in Mexico, requires a lot of exercise, it is able to get it in a small area because of its slim frame.

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6) Lhasa Apso

This dog was bred specifically in Tibet to be a guardian, and its appearance and demeanor can frighten visitors to your home.

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5) Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs, despite their tendency to be independent thinkers, can make excellent family pets when properly socialized and trained. However, they can be aggressive.

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4) Beagle

Despite the fact that today's beagles are popular pets, the breed was originally developed for pack hunting purposes.

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3) Bloodhound

Bloodhounds have a reputation for being "sleuth seekers," which means they'll follow their noses no matter where they lead. This makes training them for obedience a challenge.

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2) Chow chow

Chow Chows are devoted to their owners but can be stubborn. They require early and frequent repetition.

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1) Bulldog

Chewing and tug of war are their favorite pastimes. When this game is appropriate, early discipline encourages learning.

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