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9 Best International cities to visit in 2023

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1) Paris, France

What's not to like about honey-colored building, the world's largest and most visited museum, the Louvre, broad avenues, iconic landmarks, and excellent shopping and dining?

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2) Florence, Italy

The splendor of Florence is undeniable, with the Duomo dominating the city, covered Ponte Vecchio across the Arno River, and the Uffizi Museum housing exquisite art treasures.

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3) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Edinburgh, Scotland's capital since at least the 15th century, is a mix of history and grandeur with a dash of eccentricity and good times.

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4) Rome, Italy

Located in the heart of Italy's capital city, Rome, the city is a beautiful time capsule. Historic sites in some areas look as if they were built just a few days ago.

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5) London, England

London requires no introduction, as it is in continual competition with Paris for the title of Europe's most visited city.

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6) Athens, Greece

The ancient Greek past is obvious everywhere in Athens, most especially on the Acropolis, which soars above the city.

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7) Venice, Italy

Venice makes you sigh with longing, conjures up romantic imagery, and makes you wish you could hop on one of those sleek water taxis or a gondola immediately.

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8) Seville, Spain

This headquarters of the Andaluca area is an ideal location from which to see both the city and its renowned whitewashed villages.

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9) Sydney, Australia

Sydney's man-made and natural attractions make it so stunning. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House complement the natural harbor.

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