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9 Foods you should always buy frozen!

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1) Açaí purée

The frozen purée, which preserves the antioxidants and other nutrient content of the berries for up to five years after preparation.

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2) Artichoke hearts

While marinated hearts in jars may be sticky and boring, frozen hearts keep their flavor and texture and need no further effort than opening a bag.

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3) Blueberries

Frozen berries of the highest quality, harvested at their peak and flash-frozen, are invariably sweet and delectable.

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4) Broccoli

The ease of having blanched, fresh-frozen broccoli florets available in a matter of minutes is the primary reason for purchasing this nutritious vegetable frozen.

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5) Cauliflower rice

The frozen kind has the same same flavor as the handmade version and contains smaller, finer grains, which cooks more rapidly.

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6) Edamame

The majority of edamame marketed in the United States are frozen and removed from their pods – and having a bag in the freezer makes it simple to include them into a number of recipes.

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7) Mangoes

A fully ripe mango is one of the tastiest, most sumptuous fruits, but getting the time just right is difficult. As a result, you should purchase them frozen.

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8) Octopus

The freezing procedure really helps tenderize them, which is a significant benefit when dealing with meat that may be somewhat tough.

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9) Salmon

Commercial fishing boats flash-freeze their catch as they bring it up from the depths, making it somewhat fresher than fish that have been gently chilled with ice for a day or two.

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