9 Foods That Cause Bad Breath!

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Whether it's tuna, sardines, anchovies, or another variety, canned fish stinks, and it also stinks up your breath.

1) Canned Fish

To begin, cheese is vile smelling. Additionally, when bacteria degrade the lactose, lipids, and proteins in cheese, they produce excess hydrogen sulfide, which causes halitosis.

2) Cheese

If you've ever sat next to someone who had coffee breath, you know it's essential to include it on this list. 

3) Coffee

After eating garlic, you will literally be exhaling the sulfur compounds that it contains, which enter the bloodstream through the stomach and leave the body through the lungs.

4) Garlic

An organosulfur compound found in horseradish is responsible for its pungent odor, allyl isothiocyanate (AIS).

5) Horseradish

Onions are just as potent as garlic because they contain the same sulfur compounds. The Beasties are always on your side.

6) Onions

Not only do protein-rich foods emit an ammonia-like odor when broken down, but fatty acids degrade into ketones, which emit a metallic or acetone-like odor.

7) Protein Foods

Peppers can actually coat your tongue with spices, and if you really can still taste them, others can smell them as well.

8) Spicy Peppers

Bacteria live in acidic environments, and tomato sauce (and juice) can cause acid reflux, exacerbating the breath problem.

9) Tomato Sauce

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