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9 Flowers that Will stay in Full sun

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At least six hours of direct sunshine every day is optimal. Some variants have beautiful multicoloured flowers. They are an excellent choice for landscaping in warm climates.

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These versatile blooms can reach a height of three feet in full sun. However, they can also thrive in the shade. Zinnias are annuals.

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Sunflowers are the ideal wildflowers for suburban areas or wherever! Some types of sunflowers can reach heights of 10 feet.

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Dahlberg Daisy

Dahlberg daisies are indigenous to south Texas and northern Mexico, thus they thrive in hot, dry climates and dislike prolonged high humidity or wet soils.

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Annual Vinca

Multiple flowers with five petals that appear continuously complement the glossy green leaves. Vinca comes in a variety of colours, including white, pink, red, purple, and lavender.

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In most of the United States, pentas are cultivated as annuals, though they can survive the winter in frost-free zones. They are easily accessible in most nurseries and simple to cultivate.

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Peonies like sun. You'd be surprised to learn that the peony thrives in a dry landscape, given its lush green leaves and gorgeous flowers.

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Penstemon, commonly known as beardtongue, is an excellent addition to a drought-tolerant garden due to its colourful spring and summer flower spikes.

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Russian Sage

Despite its little size, this shrub is sometimes regarded as a perennial. This plant has silvery stems and leaves, which are aromatic, and its blossoms can show in late spring.

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