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9 Flowering Trees for a Beautiful landscape

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1) Chaste Tree

Lavender, pink, or white 6- to 12-inch flower spikes appear from summer through autumn on this tree. It does best in well-draining soil in direct sunlight.

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2) Chinese Witch Hazel

The 30-foot-tall Chinese witch hazel tree is one of the earliest blossoming trees in the world. In late winter, its varieties yield 1.5-inch fragrant yellow blooms

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3) Crape Myrtle

With an average height of 8 to 25 feet, the crape myrtle has peeling bark and colorful fall foliage. You should plant it in full sun in a moist alkaline soil with good drainage.

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4) Eastern Redbud

In spite of the red in its name, the redbud's sweet-pea-like blossoms can range from rose to pinkish-lavender to purple. Sand and well-draining, sandy soil is ideal for the tree.

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5) Empress Tree 

The empress' blossoms are some of the most spectacular among the blossom trees. The trumpet-shaped, yellow-striped lavender flowers of this plant have a vanilla scent.

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6) Flowering Crabapple 

The deciduous flowering crabapple,  between 10 and 30 feet tall and has single or double white, pink, or red spring blooms.

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7) Japanese Camellia

A prominent evergreen shrub in the southeastern and gulf coast regions, the Japanese camellia can reach heights of 6–12 feet. White, pink, or red blossoms cover the plant.

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8) Japanese Flowering Cherry

In height, they reach between 15 and 25 feet and have single, semidouble or double blooms that emerge against bark that is the color of a polished mahogany table.

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9) Kousa Dogwood

While the star magnolia may grow up to 24 feet tall, its 3 to 5 inch-wide blossoms make it an ideal specimen for a container garden. 

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