9 Dog Breeds for Spending Your Summer Time!

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1) Australian shepherd

The Australian shepherd is referred to as "the cowboy's herding dog of preference." In the quest for an intelligent, hardworking and adaptable dog, this will be your match.

2) Beagle

Beagles rule the puppy dog eye market. The most popular hound dog breed in the United States is the adorable floppy-eared pup.

3) Boxer

Boxers are prized not only for their physical attributes, but also for the unique personality they bring to the table.

4) Pembroke Welsh corgi

Those who own a Pembroke can expect a dog that is intelligent, empathetic, and prone to learning.

5) Dalmatian

Running and hiking companions will love their athleticism and stamina. Dalmatians are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate house dogs when they live with the proper people.

6) German shepherd

The protective nature of these regal-looking dogs is well-known. There is no doubt in my mind that they have the stamina to play all day and all night.

7) Goldendoodle

Neither a golden retriever nor a poodle is more fun than the other. Perfectly fluffy goldendoodles are a golden retriever and poodle mixed together.

8) Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are very playful and they love to swim. They also love to cuddle and run, here and there. 

9) Labrador retriever

Water is one of Labrador retriever's favorite pastimes. As it turns out, Lab is a terrific swimmer and is happy to retrieve items from the water all day long!

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