9 Best

WFH Jobs

for Retirees

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To work as a virtual assistant, you must have strong communication skills, a computer, a phone, and internet. Certain employers prefer that you also have a bachelor's degree.

1) Virtual Assistant

At 50, you can begin a new career as a customer representative working from home. Certain businesses hire directly, while others outsource.

2) Customer Service Representative

You can earn money trancribing audio files to Word documents from the comfort of your home.  You must be extremely meticulous and precise with your punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

3) Transcriber

Start a pet-sitting business from the comfort of your own home if you're a fan of the animals. You can either start from scratch or post your profile on a website like Rover.

4) Pet Sitting from Home

Working as an online tutor can be a rewarding career option for senior citizens who enjoy teaching. You can share your knowledge and interests with students all over the country.

5) Online Tutor

Working as a graphic designer ranks high on the list of jobs for people over 50 due to the ease with which it can be done from home. 

6) Graphic Designer

If you're fluent in two or more languages, consider becoming a translator. You'll have to prove your proficiency, for example, by passing a test.

7) Translator

Working for a non-profit as a development or fundraising representative is another excellent option for the retired crowd. The average yearly salary for a fundraiser is $52,137.

8) Fundraiser

It's possible to work full-time from home as an insurance adjuster if you have prior experience in the field. A claims adjuster's annual salary is $68,130.

9) Insurance Claims Adjuster

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