9 Best Cities for Thrift Shopping in USA

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There are more than 91 thrift stores per 100,000 persons in Miami. You may not find winter gear here, but shorts and sunglasses are readily available.

9) Miami

Portland, Oregon, is home to some of the best-rated secondhand retailers in the study. And if you're looking for bargains on books, stop by the venerable Powell's City of Books.

8) Portland, Oregon

Residents of Hartford, Connecticut, have fewer thrift store options per capita than residents of several other cities on this list.

7) Hartford, Connecticut

The Steel City scored well in terms of the number of flea markets per capita and the inexpensive costs of its numerous thrift stores and markets.

6) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It's no surprise that Tampa made the top five, given the abundance of things to do. Tampa has more thrift stores per capita than any other city in the top five.

5) Tampa, Florida

Looking for Disney goodies? You may find lightly worn theme park stuff in the thrift stores of Orlando, home of Walt Disney World, in the near future.

4) Orlando, Florida

Flea markets can be held inside or outdoors and are often temporary, but thrift stores are typically permanent indoor facilities. Columbus flea markets were rated among the best.

3) Columbus, Ohio

The capital city of Georgia has the highest concentration of thrift stores, clothes donation facilities, and flea markets per capita of the top five cities.

2) Atlanta

Riverside, California, located roughly 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles, has the most thrift stores. Thrift shop until you drop!

1) Riverside, California

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