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9 Absurb but right reasons to not have kids!

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1) Relationship will not stay romantic

You're going to see a decline in your love life once you start a family. As parents, you'll have more time for your children than for your spouse.

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2) Raising kids is expensive

Baby sleeplessness is common. Older youngsters also get nauseated, experience nightmares, and require the bathroom.

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3) You will be sleep-deprived

Babies, in particular, can keep you up at night. Older children, too, feel sick, suffer from nightmares, and need to use the bathroom.

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4) Kids affect sex life

Intimacy decreases following the birth of a child, and it's well-known. A lack of sleep, a demanding schedule, and a bad body image can all have an impact on one's desire.

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5) Kids result in huge trash

In North America, newborns are responsible for the disposal of 30 to 40 billion disposable diapers annually.

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6) Kids affect your earning power

It's harsh, but true: having children can have a detrimental effect on parents' earnings, particularly for women. 

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7) Kids affect education

Women who give birth extremely early have a smaller impact on the pay disparity. As a result, women who have children too early tend to be less-educated and earn less.

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8) You may lose your friends

Kids can cause even your closest friendships to change or break due to lack of time, busy schedules, and changing priorities.

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9) Kids affect your mental health

Many believe that having children is the route to happiness, yet research shows that depression is a typical side effect.

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