8 Strange Facts About Redheads!

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1) It's harder to anesthetize them

Redheaded women needed 19 percent more anesthesia desflurane than women with dark hair.

2) More active sex life

In terms of sex lives, women with red hair had more partners and had sex more frequently than the average woman.

3) Risk of Melonoma

A fact about redheads is that they are approximately two and a half times more likely than other hair colors to develop dangerous skin cancer.

4) Use of animals to understand Redheads

To gain a better understanding of how pheomelanin,  affects the health of gingers, scientists examined similarly auburn-colored feathers and fur.

5) Likeliness of being Lefty

 Redheads are more likely to be left-handed. Each of these characteristics are the result of recessive genes, which are typically paired.

6) They don't get grey hair

Among the numerous facts about redheads is the fact that their hair will never gray. Their hair will eventually turn white or blonde, but never gray.

7) They have less hair

Individuals without red hair have approximately 140,000 hair strands, whereas those with red hair have only 90,000.

8) Bees attract towards them

Bees are more drawn to individuals with red hair. This is just one of the odd facts about redheads.

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