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8 Beautiful Flowering ground covers Options!

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1) Creeping Phlox

The delicate needle leaves of creeping phlox are nearly hidden beneath a dense carpet of flowers, making it one of the earliest spring bloomers.

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2) Creeping Thyme

They can tolerate dry, full-sun settings and even light foot activity. Its small hot pink, lavender, or white blossoms are able to withstand full sun and dry conditions.

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3) Creeping Sedum

This plant family can tolerate summer heat, full sun, and dry circumstances while expanding into a few-inch-tall succulent mat.

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4) Dianthus

The tiny blooms of dianthus, which are in the same family as carnations, cover the blue-green foliage that grows across rock and alpine gardens.

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5) Star Jasmine

While it is commonly cultivated as a climbing plant or can be taken indoors in northern regions, the beautiful vine may also be grown effectively as a groundcover.

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6) Vinca

The Vinca plant grows and spreads so quickly that some people view it as an invasion of their property. However, for regions that are partially shady, it can be a good option.

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7) Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet roses, a taller groundcover that is both fragrant and showy, will transform a hillside. 

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8) Lily of the Valley

It's an old-fashioned favorite since it's one of the few blooming groundcovers that can flourish in deep shadow, such as beneath an evergreen home.

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