8 Perennials to Add Beauty to Your Garden

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1) Lupine

The best word to describe a clump of lupines in full bloom from late spring to early summer is breathtaking. Their extra-strong stems eliminate the need for staking.

2) Rose Mallow

It will be the most eye-catching plant in your garden every year from July until fall, when its enormous dinner-plate-sized flowers bloom.

3) Echinacea

Throughout the summer, these long-blooming perennials provide a festive light to the yard and produce vibrant, long-lasting bouquets that may be kept in the vase for many days.

4) Aster

Similar to garden mums, they grow into tight mounds and are covered in brilliant purple or pink blooms, making them an excellent choice for fall decoration.

5) Bleeding Heart

As soon as this spring-blooming perennial pokes its head above the soil, it erupts in a riot of color.

6) Red Hot Poker

Once its torch-shaped blooms begin to bloom in early summer, you might mistake this brilliant perennial for an attractive grass.

7) Black-Eyed Susans

The golden blooms of this garden classic can be seen from Minnesota to Texas every year, from the middle of summer to the beginning of the fall.

8) Tall Garden Phlox

Canna lilies are a great option for those who want a tropical look but don't want to have to replace their plants every year or two.

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