8 Low-Cost Countries to Visit for Americans

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A round-trip flight costs $500-$600. It's safe, the food is cheap and a combination of Greek, Italian, and local, and you can hire a car and move around cheaply.

1) Albania

It's the most affordable country to visit right now, with "twice the pesos for your dollar." Argentina is inexpensive and has a good COVID-19 record.

2) Argentina

Bogotá, Colombia's capital city, and Cartagena, Colombia's tropical paradise, may be visited for $50 to $100 per day, including lodging.

3) Colombia

The architecture in Cuba is unique, and the automobiles are a throwback to a bygone era. The cost of a night's lodging in Havana ranges from roughly $50 to $100.

4) Cuba

A daily budget of $30 to $50 is more than adequate in this country. There are many of hotels to choose from for less than $35 per night.

5) Ecuador

Food, sightseeing, and lodging are cheap in Panama, they say. Casco Viejo has superb walking, the Panama Canal, museums, nightlife, and culture.

6) Panama

In the shadow of a cloud-shrouded mountain, Cape Town is a seaside wonderland where wine flows, penguins waddle, and there's always something to do.

7) South Africa

Turkey is an excellent choice for visitors who wish to travel to Europe. Since roughly two years ago, the lira has devalued significantly, making Turkey a bargain-heaven.

8) Turkey

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