10 Summer Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool

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To keep your neck calm and improve air circulation, pull your hair into a high ponytail.

1) High Ponytail

Create a casual and carefree appearance by tying your hair into an untidy bun.

2) Messy Bun

For a stylish and functional summer hairstyle, tie your hair into a high knot at the summit of your head.

3) Top Knot

Baid your hair around the crown of your head to keep it out of your face and add a hint of sophistication.

4) Braided Crown

Keep your hair neat and fashionable with a classic French braid, which is ideal for keeping hair in position on hot days.

5) French Braid

For a sporty and adorable summer appearance, part your hair down the middle and create two Dutch braids.

6) Double Dutch Braids

Embrace the natural texture of your hair by using salt spray or a curling wand to create beachy waves.

7) Beachy Waves

For a chic and versatile summer style, pull the upper half of your hair up while leaving the bottom half down.

8) Half-Up, Half-Down

For a boho-inspired summer look, sweep your hair to one side and construct a loose and relaxed side braid.

9) Side Braid

If you have short hair, a pixie cut is not only fashionable but also keeps you comfortable during the hot summer months.

10) Pixie Cut

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