10 Type of Scams That Happen with Seniors!

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If there is a storm or other natural disaster in your neighborhood, a criminal may phone you and beg for donations to a charity working to restore the area or assist poor families.

1) Charity Scam

If you put an obituary in a local newspaper following the death of a loved one, a thief may approach you and demand that the deceased left behind a debt that must be paid.

2) Funeral Scam

You may receive phone calls from individuals posing as IRS or Social Security Administration agents demanding quick payment of delinquent taxes.

3) Government Imposter Scams

Someone will call pretending to be a relative and ask for money in this scenario. The caller may pretend that they are in a life-or-death situation.

4) Grandparent Scams

Sharing personal information on social media can put you at risk of being scammed. Internet scammers have access to your personal data.

5) Internet Scams

Anyone who claims to be a financial advisor, or wealth manager may call you and offer you an exciting investment opportunity or high returns provided you send them money.

6) Investment Scams

To save you money, someone pretending to be a Medicare agent may contact you and say that they can help you by providing supplementary insurance.

7) Medicare Scams

If you own your own home, you may be solicited by someone claiming that you can access a portion of the equity through a reverse mortgage.

8) Reverse Mortgage Scams

Imposters may contact you if you join an online dating site. After talking on the phone or dating, the scammer will ask for money for a utility bill, parking ticket, home repair, etc.

9) Romance Scams

A scammer could contact you to inform you that you have won a lottery. They may send you a counterfeit check, which may appear authentic until it is rejected by the bank.

10) Sweepstakes Scams

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