10 Lipstick Tips for a Perfect Pout That Lasts All Day

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To remove any dry skin and create a smooth surface, begin by exfoliating your lips. Apply a moisturizing lip moisturizer.

1) Exfoliate and moisturize

Apply a lip primer or a small amount of foundation to your lips to produce a base that will help your lipstick adhere and last longer.

2) Use a lip primer

Use a lip liner that complements or is slightly darker than your lipstick to outline and define your lips. 

3) Line your lips

Choose matte or long-wearing cosmetics because they tend to have greater staying power.

4) Choose the right formula

For precise application, apply lipstick with a lip brush. Beginning in the center of your lips, work your way outward.

5) Apply lipstick with a brush

After applying the first layer of lipstick, remove superfluous product by blotting the lips with a tissue.

6) Blot and layer

To lock in your lip color and prolong its wear, gently dust a translucent or colorless powder with a fluffy brush over your lips.

7) Set with powder

Avoid using excessive product; apply lipstick sparingly and progressively increase the intensity.

8) Avoid excessive product

Use a small, angled brush dipped in concealer or foundation to clean up any imperfections or uneven margins around your lips after applying lipstick

9) Clean up the edges

To maintain your perfect pout throughout the day, bring lipstick and lip liner with you for fast touch-ups.

10) Carry touch-up products

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