10 Foods That Can Ruin Your Teeth & Gums

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1) Barbecued Meat

The issue is not with the meats themselves, but with the marinades and sauces, that are frequently high in sugar and acid. Both can be detrimental to the teeth and gums.

2) Breath Mints

These hard little confections can be abrasive to fillings and crowns if bitten too hard, and they frequently contain quite so much sugar as a comparable size piece of candy.

3) Canned Fruits

Canned fruit is frequently packed in a thick, sugary syrup that is bad for the teeth, among other things.

4) Coffee

Coffee's tannins can stain your teeth. They can turn brownish-yellow from as little as one cup a day.

5) Crackers

They're regarded even more dangerous than candy because of the potential harm they can cause. They're a simple starch, which means that mouth bacteria can feed on them.

6) Dried Fruits

Additionally, dried fruit contains more sugar per piece, which makes it more likely to encourage the growth of bacteria.

7) Energy Drinks

In many cases, energy drinks have twice the acidity of sports drinks. Another issue is that caffeinated beverages can cause people to become hyperactive, which leads to teeth grinding.

8) Granola

However, granola is typically high in sugar, despite its reputation as a healthier option for breakfast.

9) Peanut butter and jelly

Because most mass-produced peanut butters and jelly are sweetened, this popular sandwich is a sugar overload.

10) Pickles

It's a double whammy: acid and sugar, both of which are bad for your teeth. As with any pickle, even the most pungent dill pickles can be dangerous.

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