10 Essential Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

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Start with a hydrating moisturizer in order to nourish and enhance the skin. This creates a smooth canvas for applying makeuP.

1) Moisturize

Apply a cosmetics primer formulated for mature skin to help fill in fine lines and conceal flaws.

2) Primer

Choose a lightweight, sheer or medium-coverage foundation that enables your skin's natural texture to shine through.

3) Lightweight foundation

Utilize a velvety, hydrating concealer to conceal and brighten dark circles and age spots.

4) Concealer

 Too much powder can make the skin appear dry and accentuate fine wrinkles. If necessary, gently dust translucent powder.

5) Powder sparingly

To add a youthful hue and warmth to the skin, use a cream or liquid blush and bronzer.

6) Blush and bronzer

Eyeshadows with shimmer or glitter should be avoided, as they can accentuate fine lines and creases.

7) Avoid shimmery or glittery eyeshadows

Define the eyes with a neutral-colored, smooth eyeliner pencil. Avoid sharp lines and select for a softer, blended appearance.

8) Define the eyes

To frame your face, fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows with a brow pencil or powder.

9) Fill in sparse brows

Prioritize the hydration of your lips by applying a lip moisturizer or a moisturizing lipstick. Avoid formulations that are matte and can be drying.

10) Lip care

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